paleogymnast (paleogymnast) wrote,

Thursday's Child (SPN AU, Gen - R)

Title: Thursday’s Child
Author: paleogymnast
Artist: killabeez
Beta: Carlos T
Genre: Gen, Time Travel AU
Rating: R (for language, violence)
Word Count: Approx. 69,000
Characters: Claire Novak, Charlie Bradbury, Donna Hanscum, Jody Mills, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel/Jimmy Novak
Warnings: Graphic violence, time travel, strong language, character death
Summary: At the end of all things, Claire Novak finds herself alone, when an unexpected entity offers her a choice—fade away with everything else across all the multiverse, or take a chance to save her sisters and forge new connections with a different version of her family, and maybe restore a future to at least one version of reality. But making the choice to go on will mean giving up everything she has ever known and loved, and traveling through time to a different world, a broken world lost in time, where she doesn’t exist, a teenaged Sam and 21-year-old Dean have been separated for years, and the Thule Society have infiltrated the mysteriously named “Department of Internal Services,” and history is not what she knows. The road will be long, but if she succeeds, Claire has a chance at saving the Alex and Patience she knows. If she fails, all existence will be erased.

Story on AO3: Here
Art Master Post: Here

Art by KillaBeez
Tags: au, r, scifi, supernatural
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