paleogymnast (paleogymnast) wrote,

[fic] The Citadel Codex - NC-17

Challenge spn_j2_bigbang 2018
Fic title: The Citadel Codex
Author name: paleogymnast
Artist name: merakieross
Genre: J2 RPS Sci-Fi AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~24,000
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, cybernetic and biotech modifications (consensual and nonconsensual), graphic sex, mentions of genocide, flashbacks, body horror (see Author’s notes on fic for more warnings)
Summary: 1,500 years ago, the founders of Citadel—a peculiar binary planet—set out to establish a new colony far from the reaches of the galactic powers, the Central Empire and the Republic. Their colony would redefine life as we know it. 15 years ago, the rival galactic powers waged an all-out war on Citadel in search of her secrets. Citadel was lost and with it the sum total of her knowledge, research, history, and discoveries… or was it? Rumors persist that Citadel’s knowledge was scattered to the Cosmos, hidden, but not lost, if only one lock and one key can be found. As the rival superpowers compete to find the secrets of Citadel, a man alone who will search to reclaim his history. But as Imperial and Republic spies threaten to expose his secret and destroy the promise of Citadel once and for all, who the mysterious Jared whose side is he on?
Link to fic: Citadel Codex on AO3
Link to art: Art Masterpost on LJ

Tags: action/adventure, au, bigbang, fic, j2, jensen'spov, nc-17, scifi
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