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Love Letters from the Eleventh Hour (and Revelations from the Brink) (Fic, NC-17, H50)

Author: paleogymnast
Beta: engel82
Title: Love Letters from the Eleventh Hour (and Revelations from the Brink)
Pairing: Steve / Danny
Rating: Borderline R / NC-17 (for language and semi-explicit sex)
Wordcount: 19,388
Spoilers: Up through 1.24, goes AU after that, although I did use one Season 2 charcter, but considering how AU this story is, I doubt it will spoil anything.
Warnings: Dark themes, sappy letters, use of outsider POV in some sections
A/N: Written for the Steve / Danno Minibang on stevedannoslash. Many thanks to the mods for putting this challenge together. Thanks also to my wonderful beta, engel82 for her suggestions, advice, and encouragement. Without her cheerleading I never would have finished this story. I've tinkered with this lots since I got it back from her, so any remaining mistakes are mine.

Summary: Nearly ten years have passed since Steve was framed for murder. Life has gone on, but not how anyone had hoped. Steve’s on death row, Kono’s in prison, Chin’s still with the HPD, and Danny? Danny’s a lonely investigator who writes love letters to Steve that Steve never reads. When the current Hawai‘i Governor decides to take one last look at the evidence at the same time a mysterious force threatens Danny’s life, two unexpected investigations collide. Will Danny finally clear Steve’s name, save his life, and confess his feelings? Or will Wo Fat’s victory be complete?

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Tags: bigbang, danny, fic, futurefic, h50, hurt/comfort, nc-17, steve mcgarrett, steve/danno
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