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A Sci-Fi Compendium Companion Guide to Springboard Helix (Commentary, RPS, R)

Title: A Sci-Fi Compendium Companion Guide to Springboard Helix
Author: paleogymnast
Genre: SPN RPS, Contemporary Sci-Fi AU Commentary
Pairing: Jensen / Misha
Word Count:12,005 (counting excerpts from the original story)
Warnings: Spoilers for "Springboard Helix" plus some (mild) spoilers for various science fiction and fantasy novels, movies, and television programs. I've tried to explain the basis of some of my ideas without giving any key surprises or plot twists away, but your mileage may vary.
A/N 1:Many thanks to my readers and to my betas, engel82 and Carlos for your encouragement and ideas! If you read "Springboard Helix," I hope you'll enjoy this peek behind the curtian.
A/N 2:Quotes from the story appear as regular text. The commentary and explanations appear in blockquote format.

Summary:A companion guide / commentary to "Springboard Helix," my contribution to the 2011 spn_j2_bigbang. This guide includes a complete (I hope) listing of science fiction references, other literary and pop-culture references, and author reflections on the story.

This way to the commentary...
Tags: 'helix verse, a/n, bigbang, r, rps, scifi
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