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What's Your Element? (Art, H50, PG)

Five headers/banners for the Five-0 Art Fiesta at h5oartvalentine.
Title: What’s Your Element?
Artist: paleogymnast
Medium: Digital art
Pairing or Characters: Steve, Danny, Chin, Kono, and Team + Grace and Kamekona
Rating: PG
Prompt used (if applicable): 1) Steve—water is his element (prompt by saphirablue) and 2) Artist’s choice, What ohana means to me. (prompt by les342)
Artist’s notes: This started out as a header inspired by prompt one—I wanted to show Steve’s relationship to water. Then it spiraled out into a set of four headers, one for each team-member showing them in their element (in a metaphorical sense) and attempting to capture a bit of their personalities. Then I felt like I needed a team banner/header to top it all off, and that was inspired by prompt #2. Hope you enjoy the results!


Steve (Original image is 750px x 350px)

Danny (Original image is750px x 350px)

Chin (Original image is 750px x 350px)

Kono (Original image is 750px x 350px)

Team (Original image is 750px x 350px)

Please comment and credit if used. Feedback is love!
Tags: art, h50, pg
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