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Raveling Tendrils - Author's Notes (SPN/Star Wars Fusion, R, Fic)

Author's Notes for Raveling Tendrils, a story in the Hunters of the Dark Side Universe.

Notes and Acknowledgments:

Many thanks to calamitycrow and Carlos for the beta!

This is the perhaps long-awaited epilogue to The Fulcrum of the Force, my 2010 entry for the deancasbigbang, which is itself a sequel to Hunters of the Dark Side, my 2009 entry for the spn_j2_bigbang. Knowledge of those two stories is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

I wrote this back in November as part of my mini nanowrimo project, but didn't finish editing it until now because RL got in the way.

Complete notes on character names and terminology in the Hunters of the Dark Side ‘verse can be found here (link goes to AO3).

Here is a quick-and-dirty rundown of who’s who in the universe:

The Winchesters are a family of Hunters; in this universe, Hunters hunt artifacts, users, and creatures of the Dark Side. Although they didn’t know it at first, both Sam and Dean are Force Sensitive. Mary was a Jedi before she left the order and went into hiding after Darth Azazel killed her best friend. John was in the Jedi Support Corps (and was Force Sensitive himself). John and Mary settled on Dantooine, where Sam and Dean were born. Sam is the Chosen One of the Lost Prophecy, and temporarily fell to the Dark Side. Dean is the Healer, he can actually heal the Force, restore its balance, and weave together its tattered threads to repair it. Unfortunately, this takes an extreme physical toll on Dean, and he nearly died from the strain caused when Darth Azazel and the Chosen One unbalanced the Force.

Castiel is known as Cas Tiel. He was a Jedi 5,000 years ago, but his spirit took refuge in the Light Side of the Force and bided its time until he was needed as the Guide for the Healer. He is now alive once more thanks to a new body donated by one James Novak, a Jedi.

Missouri Moseley is a former Jedi named Miss’Ouri Ot’Kla, a camaasi. She left the Jedi Order to take her place in the Protectorate, a secret order that’s at least 5,000 years old, which was formed to try to avert the destruction of the Force (and with it all life in the universe) one of the foretold possible outcomes of the Lost Prophecy.

Victor Henricksen is known in this universe as Gariq Shran, is a human Jedi Shadow. His specialty was hunting Dark artifacts and other Dark Side influences. He also chased Hunters, including the Winchesters, only to realize the Jedi Council was hiding the truth about Darth Azazel. He saved Dean’s life and helped him and Cas escape, then helped defeat Ruby.

Darth Azazel was a 5,000 year old Sith Lord who came back from the dead by possessing people. The Lost Prophecy concerned his resurrection, the resurrection of his followers, and the destruction of the Force with the Chosen One at his side.

Ruby was also a 5,000 year old Sith. Her spirit was able to come back into the physical realm by possessing a Force sensitive host. Her host was a young woman named Mina, who with Shran’s help was able to defeat Ruby and reclaim her body.

Zachariah and Uriel were both Councilmembers on the Jedi High Council. They refused to believe the Lost Prophecy was real and ignored the signs of Darth Azazel's return and imprisoned Dean and Cas, nearly allowing Darth Azazel to achieve victory in the process.

The role of the Metallicar is filled by two characters. Chevy (aka S8VI) is Dean’s astromech droid. The Iriaz Dream is Dean’s ship.

The part of Truckzilla (John’s Truck) is played by the Hunter’s Folly, a ship.

Together, Sam, Dean, Cas, Miss’Ouri, Shran, Bobby, and Mina (and a few others) make up the Protectorate.

Master Post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Tags: a/n, angst, castiel, dean'spov, fic, hunters, hurt/comfort, r, sam'spov, supernatural
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