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Post-5.22 'verse Master Post and Prompt Meme (SPN Fic)

Post-5.22 'verse Master Post and Prompt Meme

Stories in this 'verse in chronological order:

Life After Life | And Hell Has No Purchase | Not a Penelope | "Postcards From Far Away" | Stories from a Different Life | Death, Rebirth, and Inevitability | Reclamation

Interested in reading more?

I am completely overwhelmed by the interest people have shown in seeing more of this 'verse and I have additional stories I'd like to tell as well. So, if you have a prompt for a fic, a question about something in this 'verse you'd like to have answered, or even just a type of fic you'd like to see more of (e.g., more letters between Sam and Cas, more fics from Lisa's POV, etc.) please drop a comment to this post.

As prompts, questions, and ideas come in, I'll add them to the list on this post (along with info on who prompted--anonymous prompts and comments are okay). While I can't guarantee I'll get to answer every prompt (my fics have a tendency to spin out of control), I will make every effort to answer them. If I fill a prompt on the list, I'll cross it out and add it to the master fic list.

Any questions? Ask away! Now to start us off, I'll start the list with a story idea I have and hope to write at some point. Many thanks to my betas on this 'verse: Carlos, calamitycrow and sleepwalker1015 !


1. Dean's first visit to a doctor post-apocalypse. (prompted by paleogymnast )
2. Sam's able to "break out" from hell and view the real world as well as Dean. (prompted by pinkphoenix1985)
Tags: fic, futurefic, masterpost, post5.22'verse, supernatural
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