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Shadows of Our Yesterdays (and Ghosts of Our Tomorrows) (STXI Fic, R)

Shadows of Our Yesterdays (and Ghosts of Our Tomorrows) Master Post

Art by: coldmero
Story by: paleogymnast
Ratings: G (art)/R (story: for language, disturbing themes, and non-graphic M/M sex)
Genre: AOS/Reboot; slash, angst
Characters/Pairing: Leonard McCoy, James Kirk, Joanna McCoy; Kirk/Bones
Word Count: approx 49,500
Warnings: disturbing/triggery content; for more details highlight: childhood cancer, discussion of eating disorder and other mental illness, assisted suicide (past), recollections of Tarusus IV (i.e., genocide and famine), mentions of child abuse, and homophobia
Spoilers: For all of Star Trek XI and selected canon from TOS and the Movieverse especially "The Conscience of the King" and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
Disclaimer: Not mine; all recognizable characters are property of the Roddenberrys, Paramount, JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, at al.; written for fun not profit.

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Fic Summary: After years of trying to be someone he wasn’t, Leonard McCoy’s life imploded. He lost everything, including a relationship with his daughter, Joanna. Five years later, Leo is now Bones and has found everything he never thought he could have—a career in Starfleet, a new name and identity all his own, and possibly love with his best friend James T. Kirk. But when Joanna falls ill with a rare disease, Bones is suddenly allowed back into her life and offered an unexpected opportunity to atone for the sins of his past. And if he succeeds, he’s faced with a seemingly impossible quandary: stay in Georgia and be the father he always thought he should be, or go back to the Enterprise and claim the life he’s always dreamed of having. This is the story of one man’s journey through the demons of his past and into the possibilities of the future, from lost to found, from isolation to family.
Link to Art: here on deviantart
Fic also available on AO3: here

Part 1: Revelations | Part 2: Revisitations | Part 3: Reunions | Part 4: Resolutions | Part 5: Reevaluations | Part 6: Rebirth and Epilogue | Author’s Notes and Acknowledgements

Tags: bones'spov, fic, kirk/bones, masterpost, r, startrek, trekreversebang
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