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Calling all Star Trek Fans!! (community pimp)

Hey, so I know most of the people on my f-list are Supernatural Fans and the rest of you probably already belong to eliteofthefleet, but just in case there are any of you who are also Star Trek fans (fans of any Star Trek, even if you've just seen the 2009 movie or if you're a fan of The Original Series and haven't seen anything else or anything), you should join! It's fun, it's exciting, and right now we're having a members recruitment drive.

Elite of the Fleet is a fun and awesome community (well group of communities actually) that runs a simulated version of Starfleet Academy, only rather than classes in quantum physics and astrometrics and advanced Vulcan we have fandom related challenges involving art, icons, fic, banner design, trivia, word scrambles, and all sort of fun and inventive things. Join and you can meet other Star Trek fans while earning points for your "track" at the Academy.

Right now we're having a membership drive, and I'd like to invite all of you to join.

How do you join? You join through the community enlist_in_fleet. Go here and fill out the application (instructions are included). Now, here's the important part. At the end of your application do two things: 1) list my name (paleogymnast) and 2) link this banner:

Any questions? Just ask me in the comments! I hope to see you all there!

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