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Word Count Fiesta--March (a monthly state-of-the-writing address...)

Thanks to mini_wrimo, I realized that I write better, more regularly, and with more accountability if I write every day and record my word count. So far, the plan is working, and this is my third monthly update...

March was much more productive than February or January, even with a trip in there. I am slowly gearing up for my upcoming slew of writing challenges. I’m participating in both the spn_j2_bigbang and the trekreversebang this year. The rough draft of my fic for the former is due May 1, and I will be posting the fic I am writing to illustrate some awesome art for the latter sometime in May (don’t have the posting schedule yet). I also claimed a prompt for a fic at lgbtfest, and my posting date (unless it gets changed for some reason) will be June 8.

I also completed two stories for the hoodie_time Dean-centered hurt/comfort challenge, both of which are linked under the LJ cut, and I started (and have since finished) a fic for the Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic meme (#2) at hoodie_time, which is also linked under the cut. I guess March was a month for whumping Dean… a lot?

“The Fulcrum of the Force,” sequel to my 2009 fic for the spn_j2_bigbang "Hunters of the Dark Side," is still coming along. I have about 72,000 words total written for it so far, I just didn’t do any writing for it (did work on plot) in March due to my other pressing story deadlines. I will resume writing vigorously on this fic in the near future!

March 2010 Total: 41,479

Total by Story:
Lament in Winter*: 4,801
BigBang 2010**: 25,398
Timeo Angelos et Dona Ferentis***: 10,563
Trek Reverse Bang****: 408
Of Leg Braces and Fairy Lights:***** 309
Mean Words Per Day: 1,338
Range (low to high): 274 (on March 22) to 5878 (on March 14)
Median Daily Word Count: 858
Number of Days Under 500: 5 (16.13%)
Number of Days Over 1000: 13 (41.92%)

* One of my entries for the Dean-centric hurt/comfort challenge on hoodie_time. Posted here.
** My still as-of-yet untitled entry for the 2010 spn_j2_bigbang Challenge.
*** My other entry for the Dean-centric hurt/comfort challenge on hoodie_time. Posted here.
**** My as-yet untitled entry for the upcoming trekreversebang challenge, written to illustrate some beautiful art by coldmero. This will be posted sometime in May 2010; I’m not quite sure what the posting schedule is yet.
***** Another hurt!Dean fic written for the Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic meme (#2) at hoodie_time. I have since finished it and posted it here.

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