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Word Count Fiesta--January (or a monthly state-of-the-writing address)

Thanks to mini_wrimo, I realized that I write better, more regularly, and with more accountability if I write every day and record my word count. This is the result of those efforts. If I can stick with the plan, I hope to do these posts once per month.

I used to think word count tracking was all a load of hooey. After all, my muse isn't always cooperative; I want to write when I'm inspired, but huh, look at that, as it turns out it works for me. So, I'm trying to track my word count every day this year, with the goal that I write at least 250 words a day. I can hack out 250 words in 15 minutes, so even if I'm sick, on a plane, or completely swamped with work, I can still write SOMETHING, and hopefully avoid the some of the frantic last-minute writing that tends to plague my writing (at least when I prepare stories for fic challenges), thus allowing me time and opportunity to better edit before I post.

So far, so good. I have finally tallied my January Word count (yeah, it took me five days into February to finally type up everything I'd written in notebooks). I only count the net word count increase on a story for each day (so if I delete some words in editing, their replacements don't count twice). I also don't count any metas or story outlining I do. This is just fiction writing next word-count increases.

So, without further ado here it are my stats along with a break down of words by fic (which should give you a preview of stories I've got in the works) and some random stats probably only I care about:

January 2010 Total: 38,016

Total by Story:
The Fulcrum of the Force*: 21,179
Footprints on a Different Map**: 6957
BigBang 2010***: 6421
Fic #1 for Dean-centric hurt/comfort challenge****: 2468
Fic #2 for Dean-centric hurt/comfort challenge****: 1130
Mean Words Per Day: 1266
Range (low to high): 280 (January 16) to 4086 (January 10)
Median Daily Word Count: 834
Number of Days Under 500: 6 (19.35%)
Number of Days Over 1000: 14 (45.16%)

* Sequel to my 2009 fic for the spn_j2_bigbang "Hunters of the Dark Side." I have about 55,000 words total written for it so far.
** Written for roque_clasique's birthday fic meme and posted here.
*** My as-of-yet untitled entry for the 2010 spn_j2_bigbang Challenge.
**** My as-of-yet untitled entries for the Dean-centric hurt/comfort challenge on hoodie_time. I hope to have these finished by the original deadline of February 14, 2010, and will definitely have them done by the new March 14, 2010, deadline.

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