June 16th, 2010

Sad Dean

Stories from a Different Life (SPN Fic, R)

Title: Stories from a Different Life
Author: paleogymnast
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural, Futurefic, Het
Characters: Dean Winchester, others (5.22 spoilers) highlight: Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden, mentions of Chuck, Sam Winchester, OFC
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,888
Warnings: Het (not graphic), spoilers through 5.22
Spoilers: Up through 5.22
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit; anything you recognize belongs to Kripke, Warner Bros., et al.
A/N 1: This is the seventh in a series of seven fics my post-5.22 ‘verse.
A/N 2: Many thanks to Carlos, calamitycrow, and sleepwalker1015 for the beta and feedback!
A/N 3: If you’re reading all the fics in this ‘verse, this is set after Life After Life but before Reclamation. However it can still be read as a standalone.

Summary: Dean Winchester is happily living out his life. The problem is, sometimes, no matter what he does, there are some ties to his old life that are outside his control. What does Dean do when one of the relics of his past threatens his new life?

Want more summary? (5.22 Spoilers)In which Dean is an awesome dad, Ben is an angsty college student with unfortunate luck, and Lisa saves the day.

Also available on: AO3
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