June 10th, 2010

Sad Dean

Death, Rebirth, and Inevitability (SPN Fic, R)

Title: Death, Rebirth, and Inevitability
Author: paleogymnast
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural, Gen, Futurefic, Character Study
Characters: Dean Winchester, others (5.22 spoilers) highlight: Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden, mentions of Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer
Rating: R (to be on the safe side)
Word Count: 1,870
Warnings: angst and (spoilers) highlight: past canonical character death
Spoilers: Up through 5.22
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit; anything you recognize belongs to Kripke, Warner Bros., et al.
A/N 1: This is the first in a series of seven fics in a speculative post 5.22 ‘verse that’s my imagination’s version of what the future would hold if “Supernatural” had ended at five seasons (as with Kripke’s original plan). All seven stories stand alone, but can be read together. I will be posting one each day for the next seven days. Stories will be posted in the order written (not chronological order). After all the stories are up, I’ll post a master post on my LJ that will include the chronology as well. The series includes four character studies, an epistolary fic, and a couple of short stories. This is the story that started it all… it popped up as a tenacious plot bunny while I was stuck on a long flight and wouldn’t let go until I’d written it all down. The rest followed. These are equal measures angst and hope, so I hope you’ll give them a chance.
A/N 2: Many thanks to Carlos and calamitycrow for the beta!

Summary: Even with everything he knows about fate, life, and changing history, Dean Winchester still wonders if his life could have turned out differently if only he’d made a few different choices. Of course, that’s what he ponders when he’s not marveling over adjusting to his second (or is it third? tenth?) chance at life. Still haunted by his past, but actively forging a new future, Dean tries to sort out who he is and what it all means.

Also available on: AO3
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