March 6th, 2010


Unprepared (Star Trek XI, Gen, PG-13, Fic)

Title: Unprepared
Author: paleogymnast
Beta: calamitycrow
Fandom/Genre: Star Trek XI (aka Reboot), Gen
Characters: OC (central character), mentions of Bones, Spock, Sarek, Kirk, and T'Pau
Spoilers: Spoilers for some key plot elements of Star Trek XI
Rating: PG-13 for medical stuffs and discussion of (large scale) off-screen violence
Word Count: 999
Prompt: Written for a fic challenge at eliteofthefleet, an awesome competetive Star Trek comm (you should run, run to check out enlist_in_fleet now). The prompt was: Because Starfleet history (read: canon) tends to focus primarily on the bridge officers and senior staff, it's often easy to overlook the contributions of the other few hundred crewmembers who also work tirelessly to do their part in daily ship operations and completing missions. Your assignment is, in 300 - 1000 words, to rewrite an event from Star Trek XI from the point of view of a nameless, background Starfleet Cadet or Ensign (redshirt or otherwise).
A/N: This fic didn't win any awards, but I'm actually pleased with it (and shocked that I was able to edit it to under 1K and have it still make sense). Who knew I could write a short fic?
Disclaimer: Not mine; all recognizable characters belong to their respective owners; written for fun, not profit; no copyright enfringment intended.
Summary: Vicki Spool dreamed of being a Starfleet field medic and being a top-notch first responder to away missions gone awry. But nothing at the Academy prepared her for a disaster of this scale on the Federation Flagship.

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