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Supernatural Episode 5.04: “The End” (spoilers)

Supernatural Episode 5.04: “The End” 


The full title of this episode should have probably been “The End… of Dean acting like a frigging moron and finally getting a clue.” Or possibly “The End of the Winchesters letting heaven and hell play them for fools and making them their bitches.” It was definitely the end of a dark era.

For once, someone tried to teach Dean Winchester a lesson and he actually learned *gasp* the right lesson. Wait, let me repeat that. Dean finally got it. Yes, he had good reasons not to understand that he and Sam are only going to have a chance at surviving, at saving the world (or at least not sending the world further into the apocalypse) is together. Go writers! I’m serious. This was exactly the kind of move I was looking for.

It was also amusing to see Zachariah fail so spectacularly at manipulating Dean. Yeah, buddy, you just don’t understand Dean. Lucifer, interestingly enough understood Dean better (nor really surprising; Zachariah is pretty much just stupid at this point), but not quite, so finally, finally we have Dean snapping out of it by the end of the episode and realizing that there’s an option C or maybe option Z (or anti-Z, ‘cause hopefully this choice doesn’t end with a zombie world like the version of 2014 Dean visited).

Let’s see what did tonight’s episode bring us:

• A very decidedly new-agey version of Cas (and I’m betting Misha Collins was probably thrilled both to get to show off his flexibility and spend a big chunk of an episode not wearing the same trench coat. Plus orgy? Constantly stoned? Absynthe? Amphetemines? Holy crap Cas, at least someone learned to live it up at the end of the world, and we probably wouldn’t have expected it would be you.

• An adorable (and day-saving) Cas worried about running out of cell phone minutes! *adorable* OMFG!

• A trip to 2014 that finally paid off the Croatoan story from season TWO! I have been waiting for this for three years! Three years of thinking, OK, so what the fuck was the point? It was clear we were missing something, now we know how this fits into Lucifer’s plans. And now this makes me wonder. Right before the cliffhanger ending of Croatoan, Duane the demon makes a blood-o-phone call to someone. I (and I think any people) had assumed he was calling Azazel (after all, that’s who it seemed Meg was calling with the same device, after all she did call the person on the other end “father”), but then again, maybe Duane was calling Lucifer? Maybe Meg wasn’t calling her father either, but the “father” of all demonkind? Hmm… I’m not sure, but it certainly is intriguing.

• Chuck insisting with eager sincerity that toilet paper is like gold and should be hoarded. (I love Chuck in general, future!Chuck was priceless pure love with a side helping of adorable and desperate and remarkably sober.)

• The Colt, back again… man, it’s so convenient how that thing keeps popping up and disappearing again and again… It’s almost a Mac Guffin, only it has real value, so I guess it’s just a Latin-engraved deus ex machina. I’m hoping (almost trusting at this point, because this week seemed to be full of the Supernatural writers answering my wishes and demands) they’ve got a good excuse for why the demons don’t destroy the Colt. What further purpose does it serve? Are they unable to destroy it? Is the thing actually indestructible? Or did Ruby say do something to it when she showed Bobby how to fix it, so it’s really going to blow up in their faces? Very, very intriguing. So, now we know it’s still out there, still on earth, and could possibly wind up in Dean Winchester’s hands… again.

But best of all, and yeah, even better than Dean finally figuring it out, calling Sam and showing his trust by giving Sam back Ruby’s knife… in the same place the Winchesters (John, Sam, and Dean) made their ill-fated decision to split up and try to trick Meg and Tom with a decoy Colt, interestingly enough… is the way that the writers brought the latest chapter in the story full circle.

In “In the Beginning” (4.03) we see Cas taking Dean to the past, having Dean try (and fail) to change the present, learning the awful truth about his family’s past, promising to kill a demon he’d already killed in the past/future, and coming back to the present to discover Sam’s deceit—his powers and his late-night activities with Ruby. Now, in “The End,” we see Zachariah taking Dean to the future where Cas has lost all his powers; Sam exists only as the truly eerie, creepy, unsettling vessel (good acting Jared!) of Lucifer; and Dean is bitter and has more or less given up. Of course, Dean goes and promises in the future to kill Satan (which he will likely accomplish in the future-past… our future, 2014’ past), and comes home to finally reach out an olive branch—or maybe it’s the whole tree—to Sam, bringing him back into the fold, and finally taking that big step to heal the rift that started over a season ago. Way to go Dean!! Way to go writers for giving us some nice symmetry and helping Dean to find the motivation, realization, freedom, and self-confidence he needs to actually, maybe get this done.

This was episode was an A+. I have absolutely no complaints, and I am beyond thrilled and tickled pink that we finally got to see what was up with the whole Croatoan thing!
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