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Supernatural 5.03 "Free to be You and Me"


How long ago did I call that? *snort* Seriously. So, way back in season 2 I figured out Sam was Lucifer's vessel and Dean was Michael's... before we knew what vessels were—it was more that I latched onto the Antichrist myth in which the capital A antichrist actually serves the function of bringing Lucifer into the world and having Lucifer become him. Lots of other people assumed or suspected this was the case too. Then Kripke tried to convince us all that we were wrong, or only half right, but in the end, tah dah! Looks like we were right after all.

So thank you, Kripke, for being predictable (in a good way). You really almost had me tricked into thinking I was wrong. Many, many times you had me convinced that I had to be misreading the foreshadowing, or that you'd just decided not to go that way, but nope, you pulled through. *does happy dance*

That being said, I don't really WANT Sam and Dean to get taken over by their respective pushy asshole angels, especially if they're likely to wind up like Raphael's poor host (although Dean's "teenage mutant ninja-angel" was awesome). But hey, this is one time I'm kind of happy to be right, just for the sake of being right.

Of course, now it looks like all doom and gloom. Sam and Dean are separated. Dean thinks he's happier by himeself, without his family. Sam is all alone and hunted both by hunters and Lucifer. He wants to believe he can change, but it's not looking good.

Cas is just undeniably adorable trying to work with Dean… his complete nonunderstanding of human beings (and managing to strike out with a prostitute!!) are nerve-wracking, but endearing.

It’s also good to see Bobby pulling out of his funk at least a little bit. Hopefully he can pull out of it a little more and try to intercede before Sam and Dean both go flying off a cliff and take the rest of the world with them.

I'm still not sure I like where Kripke is going with god... but that's mostly because I liked this universe better before the Judeo-Christian deity was in it. But it is very interesting to realize that with Sam being Lucifer's vessel, it does shift things back to looking like it wasn't Lucifer who brought Cas back or whisked Sam and Dean from the convent. Lucifer wanted Sam to be around so he could claim him; Lucifer also doesn’t have any use for a rebellious angel who is interested in stopping the apocalypse on both sides. So, yeah, Raphael we saw through your insinuations. I’m still not sure I want there to be a “god” out there (because such a deity had better have a really good excuse—not actually omnipotent, not actually omniscient, used to be omnipotent & omniscient but isn’t any longer, etc.—for its behavior), and I’m not sure Cas’s daddy search and amulet-taking will come to anything good, but, the parallel between Cas’s predicament and Dean and Sam’s search for John from season 1 was nice. It’s a very interesting way to take things full-circle.

Sam’s situation is most distressing and intriguing. Lucifer can’t actually find him (really makes me wonder if Cas know what Sam is) so he’s just going to slowly drive Sammy crazy by haunting his dreams, trying to get Sam to crack. And of course Dean doesn’t know this or what’s going on, and he’s lulled himself into thinking “out of sight, out of mind” is actually going to work. But no, just as it’s always been clear, the Winchesters are most in danger when not together.

The Winchester family bonds (especially on Dean’s side) are broken down, and appear to be broken and forgotten, when it maybe that is the only thing with the possibility of saving the universe.

So, now we have a “Harry is a Horcrux” problem on both sides. In order to get rid of Lucifer and Michael and the pesky war those two and their followers want to wage, we’ve likely got to kill them, and to do that they have to manifest, and unless Lucifer’s current host holds out a lot longer than it looks like he’s going to, the only way to do that would likely involve killing Sam and Dean… unless someone figures out a way to kill angels without killing their vessels… It’s the same dilemma they’ve faced with demons only much more complicated (not the least because angels actually appear to ride their vessels harder than demons ride their hosts).

I still think that if Kripke isn’t going for a depressing ending where everybody we care about dies, the solution is likely going to be found in Sam and Dean’s bond with each other. Right now it appears to be betrayed, broken, tattered, and gone, but maybe deep down it’s still there. It’s getting to a point where believably reawakening it is going to be tricky for the writers. I’m sure they’d like to play this with Sam and Dean separate and having no knowledge of each other’s situation for almost the entire season, if they can, but that’s not necessarily going to make for the most believable writing… unless they throw in something along the way on both sides that sews the seeds of reunion and reconnection. Personally, I’d also like to see Dean’s not-plan plan of fighting off the angels and demons and making them go find their own planet to fuck up work out. That seems like the most empowering option for humanity (and Dean). But if Kripke can come up with some plausible “god” story I might come around to it as well… still, I’d like to see humanity winning the day for once.

I guess there’s nothing but to try to wait and see how it plays out. I’d love to see Sam and Dean back together sooner rather than later, mostly because I fear things will be too far gone to mend, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
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