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Sticky Post of Fic

I come bearing fic of all shapes and sizes... Follow the LJ cuts to see more. 

Supernatural Fic

Not AU

To Save You...
Fates Worse than Death
Candle or a Fuse...
Sam Never Understood 
Empty Places
Footprints on a Different Map

Forget Everything You Know about Dean Winchester
Let Me be a Refuge
Sacrifice Will be Our Undoing, but Hope Will Set Us Free
An Echo
Not How It's Supposed to Be
January 24th
I Sold My Soul to Heaven
Timeō Angelōs et Dōna Ferentīs
Lament in Winter
Of Leg Braces and Fairy Lights
The List
A Probie and his Angel (Crossover with NCIS)

Hunters of the Dark Side

Hunters of the Dark Side
The Fulcrum of the Force
Raveling Tendrils

Post 5.22'verse

Master Post and Prompt Meme

Death, Rebirth, and Inevitability
Life After Life
And Hell Has No Purchase
Not a Penelope
"Postcards from Far Away"
Stories from a Different Life

Hawaii Five-0

Ghosts on My Doorstep and the Devil at My Back
"This Could be the End of Everything..."

Eleventh Hour Future Fic AU
Love Letters from the Eleventh Hour (And Revelations from the Brink)
While the Moon her Watch Was Keeping

Star Trek

Sometimes Stubborn Saves the Day
Shadows of Our Yesterdays (and Ghosts of Our Tomorrows)
Five Times Bones Tried to Anticipate Jim’s Medical Needs and Failed and One Time He Succeeded
In the Raptor's Grasp

Stargate Atlantis
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Maury's Kindly Tavern and Other Tales of Queer Life in the Pegasus Galaxy



The Story of How We (*really*) Met
Five Conversations... about sex, life, and kink
Reflections from the Precipice
"All That's Left are the Words"
Rising from the Ashes
And Many Happy Tomorrows

The Sword of Stars
Master Post

Other J2

The Right Time

Springboard Helix

Other Pairings

Rider Came a Courtin' (Eliza Dushku/Kristin Kreuk) (pg-13) (AU, AH)

Updated February 3, 2013
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