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Amazon Rank/Amazon Fail part 3

The latest on Amazon Rank...

Oh Joy, so now it looks like:

1) Over 50K books (yes, fifty thousand) might have been affected
2) Amazon is going through and restoring rankings, but apparently to the most high profile books/authors first, so unless people stay on their case, lots of other authors and books could stay delisted
3) Still no explanation or apology from Amazon.

Get the details over at meta_writer here.

Come ON Amazon. Could you PLEASE tell us WTF is going on and what you're doing to fix it (and preferably, what you're doing to make sure it doesn't happen again)?? Thanks!

ETA: Apparently now a hacker is trying to claim responsiblity:
Ok, so, Amazon, is there truth to this? It's entirely plausible & the sudden disappearance of Amazon's "report inappropriate content" button, suggests there may be merrit to this.  I know getting hacked might be embarassing, but it would surely be favorable to say, looking generally incompetent, lazy, homophobic, etc., right?

ETA2: Taking 10 seconds to think about it, I'm not really convinced by the Hacker's claims; or rather, even if the hacker is telling the truth, that doesn't excuse Amazon's behavior (really, you just don't *check* things that get marked as adult content???????).  It doesn't address or fully explain: 1) Amazon's ridiculously vague and problematic "adult" policy that has existed for a long time. 2) Incidents of LGBT authors getting de-listed back in feburary.

If this escalation of the situation was caused by a hack, it still doesn't solve the underlying, vague policy Amazon apparently has had at least since 2008.
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