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I come bearing fic of all shapes and sizes... Follow the LJ cuts to see more. 

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Updated February 3, 2013



So, I'm participating in marvel_bang as an artist and writer this year and I am so very excited because for once in a long, long time, I'm working on a story I genuinely like and am excited to see properly finished and illustrated.

So, on the off chance I still have anyone on my f-list and any of you are artists even remotely interested in doing art for a Marvel-character-based fic, run over to marvel_bang to sign up to be an artist and go claim a story. There's a great assortment of fics available for all tastes and interests!


[Fic] The Singer Dichotomy, R, SPN Gen AU

Fic title: The Singer Dichotomy
Author name: paleogymnast
Artist name: chosenfire28
Genre: SPN Gen Sci-fi Crime-drama AU
Rating: R
Word count: (optional)
Warnings: violence, swearing, slurs, mention of medical experimentation on
children and innocents (off-screen), attempted genocide, fantastical racism, verbal abuse, assassination plots, shameless abuse of tropes
A/N: Many thanks to engel82 for the feedback and edits and Carlos for the beta. All remaining mistakes are my own. Written for the 2014 spn_j2_bigbang

Summary: Seventy years ago, humanity was confronted with its future. These mutants weren't welcomed as superheroes. Hypersensors, with superhuman senses and enhanced reflexes, were regarded with suspicion, but partially integrated into service positions; while hyperempaths, with enhanced empathic and telepathic abilities, were reviled, ostracized, and oppressed.

Thirty years ago, world-renowned civil rights activist and evolutionary biologist Mary Campbell was assassinated. One shot changed the course of history, and the planet teetered on the brink of war. One boy's secret restored the balance.

Today, FBI agents Dean Singer and Sam Campbell must solve a thirty-year-old assassination plot or watch the tentative understanding between humans, hypersensors, and hyperempaths evaporate. But who killed Mary Campbell, and why? What was Mary's secret? And how is it tied to a string of murders and a terrorist plot? Can Sam and Dean uncover the truth before it’s too late? Or will Mary's worst fears come true?

Continue to fic: here on AO3
Link to art:Art Post
Author: paleogymnast
Beta: engel82
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Angst, Future fic, OC POV
Word Count: 5201
Spoilers: Up through 3.22 "De-Void"
Warnings: Major Character Death
A/N & Disclaimer: This is a transformative fan work. The title is from the proverb "Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names."
Summary: The first time Stella heard the name "Stiles," she was three years old, but it would be years before she knew what it meant.

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Read on AO3

J2 Spy AUs... any interest?

So I haven't written any SPN or J2 fic in forever and I am toying with the idea of writing a J2 spy AU... What do you think? Is this intriguing? Or has it been done to death? If you have any thoughts, please drop me a comment. :)



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